What is Estornuda.me?

Trabajan en investigaciones que tengan un impacto real en el ser humano, apuestan al binomio ciencia-sociedad y a un entorno de formación y desarrollo más inclusivo. Publicar investigaciones dejó de ser su principal aspiración, quieren llegar a un público mucho más amplio.

Accurate science accessible to everyone

Estornuda.me is an independent science communication collective committed to making science accessible to everyone. Our spotlight shines at the shadows cast on Latin America by the looming COVID-19 outbreak. We empower our network of leading scientists and healthcare professionals to reach and connect with nervous audiences across distinct contexts.

Misinformation about COVID-19, particularly about the risk it poses to people, generates uncertainty and fear. Fear provokes behavior that can hasten the rate of viral transmission and prolong its consequences. In contrast, scientific findings about the virus, however bleak they might seem at times, ignite beacons toward a future of collective wellbeing. The world needs more scientists that translate their expertise into dialogue with the public about topics that cause worry and anxiety globally in order to mitigate the fear and assumptions that engender in uncertainty. Communicating science is key to confronting COVID-19.

We are driven to communicate complex - possibly alarming - information about topics the world doesn't have enough clarity on yet. Simply blasting the latest findings on COVID-19 amid the echoing anxieties of the media won't change behavior. Humans respond when they see themselves reflected in the messaging and when they feel felt by someone who cares for their wellbeing. Its understandable that people will weigh the risk of COVID-19 and of caring for their loved ones. As such, we strive to get accurate information to the reach of everyone.

In Spanish, estornudame playfully means "sneeze on me." Our goal is to make sound science and a proactive attitude contagious - kind of like coronavirus.

Under the hood

At the core, we are a collective of active members of the science and business community in Mexico spanning a number of leading institutions such as CINVESTAV and UNAM. For decades, members of this community have helped create and fund science education programs for all ages in Mexico and have continuously published renowned academic research.

The website publishes internally curated content across a number of sections designed to reach audiences at different levels: FAQ, verified news feed, blog, podcast, interactive data tools, official help lines, and even cartoons on COVID-19 science and health practices.

This website runs on Webflow + AirTable 💖and is lubricated with elbow grease and Zapier. The app uses Gatsby + React and is hosted with Surge.sh and Begin.com. Our Slack and Zoom channels overflow with nerdy jokes and discussions about the KPIs we view on a Retool dashboard.

What's next?

  • ✅Onboard a core set of content creators and social media communicators
  • ✅Provide content for distinct ages, urgencies, and level of engagement
  • ✅Create systems and software to automate content publishing
  • ✅Revamp web app to engage users in social media
  • ✅Set up a metrics and KPI dashboard to get to know our audience and measure our progress
  • ◻️Publish didactic tools to enable users to engage with information (e.g. interactive population mobility maps showing people's response to quarantines)
  • ◻️Personalize content based on user's location and context
  • ◻️Empower other scientists to engage their communities
  • ◻️Continue to enhance the reach and quality of content
  • ◻️Extend the reach of science communication beyond computers and smartphones